Reports for Young People


We want to let you know what we are doing to make things better for you in the Children’s Hearings System. We have published a number of reports just for young people.

We have a Communications Commitment and Participation Pledge aimed at children and young people which sets out how we aim to communicate with you. (Published May 2018)

We have launched (May 2020) our three year Corporate Parenting Plan 2020-2023. The plan is aimed at children and young people and outlines our Corporate Parenting activities for the next three years. It focuses on three key areas; Care, Connect and Protect.

We have published a Rights, Inclusion and Corporate Parenting Strategy for children and young people (September 2021).  You can also view the more detailed version.

Every year, we publish an annual report aimed at children and young people. The most recent one was published in October 2022 looking back at our corporate parenting work in 2021/2022. You can view it here.