Leaflets for Young People

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We have a number of leaflets and flyers to help you prepare for your Children’s Hearing and ensure you have as much information as possible.

All About Children’s Hearings – leaflet for young people

This leaflet provides information for young people who are going to a Hearing. It tells you things like who will be there, what will happen and how you can have your say.

Going to a Hearing leaflet for young people

Hearing About Me form

You will receive an Hearing About Me form before your Hearing. If you don’t have a chance to fill it in before your Hearing, you can ask for one when you arrive on the day of your Hearing.

Hearing About Me 

Your Rights flyer

This flyer tells you all about the rights you have at a Hearing.

Your Rights flyer

Compulsory Supervision Order leaflet

This leaflet explains what a Compulsory Supervision Order is and what it means when it is made at a young person’s Hearing.

Compulsory Supervision Orders leaflet

Going to Court flyer

This flyer provides information for young people who may have to go to Court as part of their Children’s Hearings proceedings.

Going to Court flyer

Secure Accommodation flyer

The Secure Accommodation flyer provides information to young people explaining what secure accommodation is, and what it means when a Children’s Hearing makes this decision.

Secure Accommodation flyer

Offence Grounds

The Rehabilitation of Offenders leaflet provides information explaining what happens when a Hearing has been arranged and one or more of the ‘statement of grounds’ is that an offence has been committed.

Rehabilitation of Offenders