You can view SCRA’s recent research reports below. Research from before 2011 is available on request. Click here to view a list of the research reports. Email Inforequest mailbox to request copies.

Research Reports 2022

Children aged 12 to 15 years involved in offending PDF 1.35MB Download

Research Reports 2021

Development and Piloting of a Children’s Disability Toolkit PDF 1.38MB Download
CSOs Report 7 – Educational attendance and offending outcomes PDF 0.42MB Download

Research Reports 2020

Sexual exploitation of children involved in the Children’s Hearings System’ PDF 2.21MB Download

Research Reports 2019

CSOs Report 1 – Residence and contact conditions PDF 1.46MB Download
CSOs Report 2 – Wellbeing outcomes PDF 1.08MB Download
CSOs Report 3 – Care planning and interventions PDF 1.06MB Download
CSOs Report 4 – Trust and relationships PDF 0.98MB Download
CSOs Report 5 – Decision making PDF 1.66MB Download
CSOs Report 6 – Views and experiences PDF 0.91MB Download
CSOs Report 7 – Summary Briefing Paper PDF 2.46MB Download

Research Reports 2018

Contact Decisions in the Children’s Hearings System PDF 0.58MB Download
Complexity in the lives of looked after children and their families in Scotland: 2003 to 2016 PDF 1.41MB Download

Research Reports 2017

An exploration of ethnic minority communities PDF 1.59MB Download
16 and 17 year olds in the Children’s Hearings System PDF 0.92MB Download
Supporting Sibling Relationships of Children in Permanent Fostering and Adoptive Families PDF 0.89MB Download
Criminal Advice and Remittals to the Children’s Hearings System PDF 0.44MB Download

Research Reports 2016

Children and Families Survey 2016 PDF 0.80MB Download
Evaluation report – pilot Hearing room PDF 0.66MB Download
Background and outcomes for children aged 8-11 years old PDF 1.00MB Download

Research Reports 2015

Child Protection Orders – published July 2015 PDF 1.11MB Download
SCRA’s Children and Families Survey 2015 PDF 0.84MB Download
Well-being of supported young people in Scotland PDF 1.90MB Download
Permanence Planning for Looked After Children PDF 1.63MB Download
Permanence Planning for Looked After Children – supplementary report PDF 0.93MB Download

Research Reports 2014

Children whose first Supervision Requirements or Orders are at home with their parent(s) PDF 0.65MB Download
Children’s Reporter Decision Making PDF 1.01MB Download

Research Reports 2013

National survey of Children and families in the Children’s Hearings System 2012/13 PDF 0.47MB Download
It’s All About Change Report PDF 1.41MB Download
How SCRA communicates with Young People PDF 0.98MB Download

Research Reports 2012

Let’s all make a change for children and young people PDF 0.58MB Download
Children on Supervision Requirements for Five or More Years Decisions and Outcomes PDF 0.79MB Download
Care and Permanence Planning for Looked After Children in Scotland PDF 0.50MB Download

Research Reports 2011

Children who are on Supervision Requirements for five years or more PDF 0.15MB Download
Care and Permanence Planning for Looked After Children in Scotland PDF 0.50MB Download
Care and Permanence – children assessed as at risk at or before birth PDF 0.21MB Download
Fit For Us PDF 0.90MB Download
Hearing Scotland’s Children PDF 2.18MB Download
Young people’s views on decisions, services and outcomes PDF 0.95MB Download
Big Words and Big Tables PDF 0.47MB Download