Never been to a Hearing?

Teenage girl smiling leaning against wall

A Children’s Hearing is a legal meeting that young people must attend with their families or carers if the Children’s Reporter has decided to arrange a Children’s Hearing.

Going to a Hearing?

If you haven’t been to a Hearing before, you might have questions about what will happen.

There are people you can discuss your queries with before you attend your first Hearing. For example:

  • The Children’s Reporter (whose details will be on the letter you have received about your Hearing)
  • Your social worker
  • Your teacher
  • There are also other people who can help, for example, Children’s Rights Officers, advocates or a lawyer. If you would like more information about advocacy help and how to get an advocate, please click here.

Where are Hearings held?

Children’s Hearings are held in different buildings in the local community.

The Hearing will be held in a private room which has seating in it for you,  your family or carers, the Panel Members (who will listen to you and make a decision) and the Children’s Reporter. Your social worker will also attend.

Usually there is a waiting room outside and generally there are games, books and magazines there for you, but you can bring something along with you just in case you have to wait for a little while.

Try not to worry about your Hearing – the people present are there to help you.

Pre-Hearing visit

Some young people find it helpful if they know what to expect and have visit the building where the Children’s Hearing is to be held, before the day of their Hearing.

This is called a Pre-Hearing visit.

You can arrange these visits with the Children’s Reporter.

You will be able to look around the place and ask any questions that you have about what happens, who will be there etc, before your own Hearing.

To find out more about a Pre-Hearing visit, you can watch our short film.

What does a Hearing Centre look like?

You can have a look at a selection of our different Hearing centres below or you can visit the get in touch section to see your local Hearing centre.


  • Hearing room in the Falkirk Hearing Centre
  • Hearing room in the Falkirk Hearing Centre
  • Stirling hearing room
  • Edinburgh hearing room
  • Aberdeen Hearing room