Hearing About Me

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Have your say at your Hearing – fill in your Hearing About Me form. It’s important everyone knows how you are.

Why should I fill in the Hearing About Me form?

Sometimes you might find it difficult to speak at your Hearing. The Hearing About Me Form lets you have your say so the Panel Members know how you are feeling.

What happens to the form once I fill it in?

When you fill in your Hearing About Me Form, you can give it to a parent, carer or social worker to send to the Reporter who will be dealing with your case.

You can also bring it with you to your Hearing.

At your Hearing

You will of course get the chance to speak at your Hearing. The Panel Members will want to hear from you about how you are and how you are feeling. They might ask you about home and school as well. Remember, it’s your Hearing – it’s all about you!