Resources for Young People

Teenage girl hood up leaning against wall

In this section of our website, you will find lots of information that has been written especially for young people.

We also have two films – ‘Going to a Children’s Hearing’ and ‘Going to Court’.

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In January 2018 we published our first Annual Report for Young People.

All About Children’s Hearings – leaflet for young people

This leaflet provides information for young people who are going to a Hearing. It tells you things like who will be there, what will happen and how you can have your say.

Going to a Hearing leaflet for young people

All About Me form

You will receive an All About Me form before your Hearing. You can complete it online and send by email by clicking on the link below. If you would prefer to bring a paper copy, and have access to a printer, fill out the form and click on ‘print’ at the bottom.

All About Me form for young people

Your Rights flyer

This flyer tells you all about the rights you have at a Hearing.

Your Rights flyer

Your Views sheet

Use this sheet to let Panel members know your views on what will be discussed at your Pre Hearing Panel.

Your Views sheet

Compulsory Supervision Order leaflet

This leaflet explains what a Compulsory Supervision Order is and what it means when it is made at a young person’s Hearing.

Compulsory Supervision Orders leaflet

Compulsory Supervision Orders 16+

This information sheet explains what happens in law when a young person aged 16 or 17 is on a Compulsory Supervision Order.

Compulsory Supervision Orders 16+ flyer

Going to Court flyer

This flyer provides information for young people who may have to go to Court as part of their Children’s Hearings proceedings.

Going to Court flyer

Secure Accommodation flyer

The Secure Accommodation flyer provides information to young people explaining what secure accommodation is, and what it means when a Children’s Hearing makes this decision.

Secure Accommodation flyer



Click on the images below to hear first-hand accounts from young people who have gone through the Children’s Hearings System.

Pre-Hearing visits

Pre Hearing Visits – PODCAST from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.

Panel Papers

Panel Papers – PODCAST from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.

All About Me form

All about Me Form – PODCAST from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.

What to expect

What to Expect – PODCAST from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.

Advice and helpful tips

Advice – PODCAST from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.