Other Enquiries

General enquiries:
For general enquiries or if you have any comments about our website, please contact: communications@scra.gov.uk.

Use of our logo: If you would like to use our logo, please click here to view our guidelines first.

Worried about a child?
If you are concerned about a child or young person, please contact your local Reporter’s office, which can be found by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab above. Alternatively, you can contact: practiceteam@scra.gov.uk.

Victim of youth crime?
If you have been the victim of a crime committed by a young person and want further information on the support available to you, please contact one of our Victim Information Coordinators during office hours:

0131 244 4127 – for Ayrshire, Glasgow, Grampian, North Strathclyde, Tayside/Fife and Perth and Kinross.

0131 244 5702 – for Forth Valley, Highlands & Islands, Lanarkshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Lothian and Borders.

Calls to these numbers will be charged at no more than national rate. Further information can also be found in our Victim Information section.

Being a witness in court:
If you have been asked to give evidence in court as part of Children’s Hearings proceedings, there is information available. If you are a member of the public giving evidence, please click here for more information. If you are a professional witness, please visit the information for professionals section of our website.

Should you require further information about a specific post, please access the job details on the Current Vacancies page where you will find the correct contact details for that job. For any other general Human Resources enquiries, please contact our HR department at: recruitment@scra.gov.uk.

Media enquiries:
For further details, please see the Information for Journalists page.

Data requests:
For statistical information, please contact datamanagementteam@scra.gov.uk.

If you are not satisfied with the work of the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, we would like you to tell us. Please see the Complaints page for further information.

Comments or Compliments:
If you have any comments about SCRA and the service we provide, we would really like to hear from  you. Compliments on things done well will be fed back to our staff, and suggestions for improvements are welcome. We actively seek to continuously improve and your feedback will help us do this.

You can get in touch by filling in this form or emailing the SCRA Comments and Compliments mailbox.

Keeping The Promise

For enquiries about our work to Keep The Promise, please email KeepingThePromise@scra.gov.uk.

Policy enquiries:
For policy enquiries, please contact:
Melissa Hunt, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Melissa.Hunt@scra.gov.uk.

Freedom of Information:

For Freedom of Information enquiries, please contact: inforequest@scra.gov.uk.

Data Protection:
For Data Protection enquiries, please contact: inforequest@scra.gov.uk.

For further details please see our Procurement page.

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