Received a letter from the Reporter?

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You might receive a letter from the Children’s Reporter if there are concerns about you.

What is a referral?

A referral is when information about a child is sent to the Children’s Reporter by someone who is concerned about them.  For example, this could be the police, the social work department or a school.

There are lots of different reasons why a child might be referred to the Reporter. These include:

  • If people are worried that they are not being properly looked after at home,
  • If people are worried about their safety,
  • If they are having problems with going to school,
  • If there is police involvement in the child’s life.

If I have been referred to the Reporter, will I have to go to a Hearing?

If you have been referred to the Reporter, you will get a letter. Your parents or carers will also get a similar letter. It will explain why you have been referred to the Reporter.

The Reporter might then ask for some more information about you from your school or from social work. Once they get this information they will decide if you need to go to a Hearing. The Reporter will write to you again to let you know what they decide and what will happen next.

If I have been referred, what could happen to me?

There are a few different things that a Reporter can decide to do:

  • They can decide to arrange a Children’s Hearing which will support you to receive the help that you need.
  • They may decide that you don’t need to attend a Children’s Hearing because you and your family are working with others, like a social worker, to improve your safety and wellbeing.