Resources for children

Cartoon girl wearing blue dress

In this section of our website you will find lots of information about the Children’s Hearings System that has been written just for children.

All About Children’s Hearings – information for children

This leaflet tells you what you need to know if you are going to a Hearing – things like who will be there and what will happen.

All About Children’s Hearings – information for children

Hearing About Me form

You will receive an All About Me form before your Hearing. It can be filled in to show how you are feeling, if you are happy with school and where you are staying, or if you have any problems.

Hearing About Me form

Cartoon booklet

This booklet has been written for young children who are going to a Hearing for the first time. Every Hearing is different, but this booklet tells the story of Chloe and Billy.

Cartoon booklet – Chloe and Billy’s story

Compulsory Supervision Order leaflet

This leaflet explains to you what it means when a Compulsory Supervision Order is made at your Children’s Hearing.

Compulsory Supervision Orders 

Your rights flyer

This flyer tells you all about the rights you have at a Hearing.

Your Rights flyer

Information film

This short film gives you more information about going to a Hearing.