Participation Rights

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There are new participation rights in a Children’s Hearing. These participation rights give some people rights in a Children’s Hearing that they didn’t have before. The participation rights will mainly affect brothers and sisters.

Will the rights apply to me?

  • These participation rights will apply to you if:
  • You are living with, or have lived with your brother or sister.
  • You have an ongoing relationship with your brother or sister.
  • The Children’s Hearing is likely to make a decision which would significantly affect when or how you see or have contact with your brother or sister, or the possibility of your having contact.
  • You are able to give your views on when or how you see your brother or sister. 

The rights are

  • to be notified of the Hearing
  • to provide a report for the Hearing
  • to get some of the Hearing papers
  • to be allowed to attend for part of the Hearing
  • to have representation at the Hearing.


Getting help

The law can be quite difficult to understand, so help is available.

You may want to speak to your social worker about this (if you have one).

You may want to speak to an advocacy worker (if you have one). If you don’t have an advocacy worker and are under 18 you can get in touch with one in your area via the Hearings Advocacy website.

You can also contact your children’s reporter. Their name and contact details will be on the letter sent to you. Contact details for all our local offices is available in the Office Location section of our website.

You can also watch our short cartoon animation which explains the changes.

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