What does a Children’s Reporter do?

Animation drawing of a male and female adult

A Children’s Reporter (sometimes just called a Reporter) receives information (called referrals) about you if there are concerns about:

  • your safety
  • your wellbeing and development
  • if you have been in trouble with the police

The Reporter investigates these concerns and decides whether to arrange a Children’s Hearing.

If the Reporter decides to arrange a Children’s Hearing the Reporter will send you an invitation letter to your Hearing.

At your Hearing

While you are at your Hearing, the Reporter is there to make a note of what happens . The Reporter also helps to make sure that things are fair and comply with the law.

If you have to go to Court, the Reporter will tell you the arrangements and attend Court.

You might need to come to more Children’s Hearings. The Reporter will arrange these and let you know when they are.   

The Reporter will be able to give you information to help you get the right support:

  • before your Hearing
  • during your Hearing
  • after your Hearing

You can watch this short cartoon animation if you would like this information in a different format.

Contacting the Children’s Reporter

You can contact the Reporter by phone or email – these will be on your letter sent to you.

Or, contact details for all of our offices can be found in the contact us section of our website.

You can also come in to the office to see them if you have any questions.

Sometimes you will have the same Reporter for your Hearings, and sometimes there will be a different one.

They will always try to help you and give you the information you need.

Remember, you can always ask for a Pre-Hearing visit to see the Hearing centre and ask any questions before your Hearing.

If you would like this information in a different format, you can watch this short cartoon animation.