National Partnership Forum

SCRA is committed to internal partnership working and our partnership approach is to involve members of staff and UNISON representatives in decision making on strategic and operational issues. The National Partnership Forum ensures that open and effective communication channels are in place.

The National Partnership Forum, which met for the first time in November 2008, considers major issues affecting staff, such as culture, change, employment security and practices and life-long learning.

Meeting papers 2018

NPF meeting paper 27 February 2018 
NPF meeting paper 29 May 2018
NPF meeting paper 28 August 2018
NPF meeting paper 27 November 2018

Meeting papers 2017

NPF meeting paper 29 February 2017
NPF meeting paper 30 May 2017
NPF meeting paper 28 November 2017

Meeting papers 2016

NPF meeting papers 29 February 2016
NPF meeting papers 23 May 2016
NPF meeting papers 29 August 2016
NPF meeting papers 18 November 2016 

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