Partnership working

SCRA is committed to partnership working; sharing information to enhance processes, to benefit children and young people by creating the best possible outcomes for them.

SCRA recognises that to be an effective partner we need to share experiences, knowledge and skills, and co-ordinate the planning and delivery of services so that they are easily accessible.

SCRA has eight core partnership standards which embody our commitment to working in partnership. The standards set out clearly what SCRA commits to bring to all partnership working arrangements and lists the competencies and behaviours expected of SCRA staff.

We have partnership guidance for our staff, send a regular e-news communication to our partners, and are a member of the Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership and take part in local groups such as Child Protection Committees. Jointly with CHS, we have a corporate parenting website called ‘My Corporate Parents‘.

We also have guidance documents for our partners, including: ‘Guidance on Referral to the Reporter – Information for Partners’ and our Online Statistical Dashboard is a useful statistical resource containing information about children and young people who have been involved in the Children’s Hearings System.

Our partner e-news

We issue a quarterly update via email to our partners. It contains our latest news including new research reports and statistics. You can view the latest and recent editions here or by clicking on the arrow to the right of ‘Partnership Working’.

Other resources

If you want more information about all roles and responsibilities in the Hearings System you can check out an online resource on the CHIP website (Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership). The resource has sections for each of the main organisations in the Hearings System. The resource provides an at a glance guide and links to more detail on partner websites.


Information about other partners in the Hearings System

For information about Panel Members, please visit the Children’s Hearings Scotland website.

For information about Safeguarders, please visit the Children 1st website.

For information about social workers, please visit the Social Work Scotland website.

For information about a young people’s board for the Children’s Hearings System, visit the Our Hearings, Our Voice website.


We welcome your feedback on all of our work, please get in touch with any comments/suggestions.

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