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In May 2024, we launched our Corporate Plan 2024-2027 – a plan that will take the organisation through the next three years. The three year strategy will be driven by our four strategic aims: 

The Best Experience – This will be delivered through our Care Programme.

Clear Communications – This will be delivered through our Connect Programme.

The Best Service – This will be delivered through our Protect Programme.

People who Care, Connect, and Protect – This will be delivered through our Workforce Plan.

Full report Corporate Plan 2024-2027
Jem's visual of Corporate Plan 2024-2027

Ambitious strategy

Our Corporate Plan 2024-2027 is an ambitious one that links closely with the wider transformational change programme for the Children’s Hearings System as we work to Keep The Promise.

It is certainly an exciting time for the Children’s Hearings System with most provisions of the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Act 2024 coming into effect in July and the passing of the Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Bill.

We look forward to continuing to work effectively with our partners to ensure that the future of the Children’s Hearings System is embedded with an approach that is compassionate, responsive, progressive and trauma sensitive.

A bespoke Hearings facility, where the needs and preferences of each children or young person are identified and accommodated before, during and after the Hearing.

Enabling Digital attendance at Hearings, offering children and young people more options for their attendance and providing a valuable facility for vulnerable witnesses.

A multi-faceted participation model, offering a range of mechanisms to enable fuller and more effective participation by children and young people, before, during and after their Hearing.

The work of Better Hearings being mainstreamed by all partners into their everyday practice

A trauma sensitive service visible in our workforce, our practice, our engagement with others and in our organisational outlook.

Corporate Parenting Plan

In May 2024, we also published our Corporate Parenting Plan 2024-2027. The plan is aimed at children and young people and outlines our Corporate Parenting activities for the next three years. It aligns closely with our Corporate Plan 2024-2027.

To keep up to date with all our Corporate Parenting work, please visit our – My Corporate Parents website.

Corporate Parenting Plan 2024-2027

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