Our Vision

Our Vision

What we want the world to be like for children and young people of Scotland?

“Our vision is that vulnerable children and young people in Scotland are safe, protected and offered positive futures”

Our Values

How we will behave as we work towards our vision:

  • The voice of the child/young person must be heard.
  • Our hopes and dreams for the children and young people of Scotland are what unite us.
  • Children and young people’s experiences and opinions guide us.
  • We are approachable and open.
  • We bring the best of the past with us into the future to meet new challenges.

Our Customer Commitment

SCRA is committed to improving our service to all our customers.

Providing a good level of service to our customers is really important  to us – primarily to ensure the children and young people involved in the Children’s Hearings System have the best experience they can realistically have, at what is likely to be a very difficult time for them.

Therefore, we have launched a  customer charter which we are calling ‘Our Customer Commitment’. It sets out what a customer can expect from SCRA and it includes the level of co-operation we expect from our customers in return. It also includes our pledge to customers.

Our Customer Commitment:

  • We will be approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.
  • We will ensure we answer you promptly if you contact us.
  • We will keep you informed of the reason for any delay and keep delays to a minimum.
  • We will provide information about the Children’s Hearings System which is easily accessible, accurate and easy to understand.
  • We will ensure we send any correspondence to you on time, and we will keep your information safe and secure.
  • We will ensure that our Hearing centres are clean, safe and comfortable.
  • We will listen to and respond promptly to your comments and complaints.

What we ask of you:

  • To attend Hearings and meetings on time.
  • To keep us informed of any change of address or contact details.
  • To treat our staff and property with dignity and respect – aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • To let us know when there are things that could be improved.
  • To safely dispose of information we send you if it is no longer required.

“We will work hard to do the right thing for everyone involved in the Children’s Hearings System by listening to children, young people and their families and working with our partners.”

SCRA has a Communications Commitment and Participation Pledge aimed at children and young people setting out how we will communicate with children and young people.

We aim to ensure that our communications with children and young people are clear and understandable ~ that we provide accurate and helpful information and that ~ we are easy to contact and available to answer any questions.edge

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