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Most children and young people, aged twelve years and above, who are charged with an offence, are referred to the Children’s Reporter. Children under twelve years of age whose behaviour has caused serious harm to another person can also be referred to the Children’s Reporter.

The Reporter investigates each referral to decide whether compulsory measures are necessary to address the child or young person’s behaviour.  In a very small number of cases, children and young people are dealt with in the criminal justice system. For further information visit the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal website.

Our service

SCRA provides an information service to victims of offending behaviour by children and young people across Scotland.

Sections 179A-179C of the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act, 2011 give powers to the Principal Reporter to offer victims the opportunity to receive information about the outcome of seriously harmful behaviour or offence(s) against them by a child or young person, whilst also protecting the child or young person’s right to confidentiality.

For a fuller understanding of this process and an explanation of the terms used, please read our leaflet Information about the Children’s Hearings System for people affected by the offending or harmful behaviour of a child/young person.

The principles of SCRA’s Victim Information Service are:

  • to provide victims with access to routine information about the Children’s Hearings System,
  • to provide specific information to victims and certain specified others about what has happened to the referral to the Reporter, of the child or young person responsible for the offence or serious harm.
  • to protect the right of the child or young person to confidentiality.

The process involves the victim of an offence being identified from the police report when the child or young person is referred to the Reporter.  Victim Information Co-ordinators then write to victims at the initial stage of their investigation. On receiving this initial letter, victims can then opt in to receive further information regarding key stages of the investigation and the final decision. This can be done by phoning the Victim Information Co-ordinators on the numbers detailed below or by emailing

Victim Information Co-ordinators also provide the point of contact for requests for information from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and insurance companies.

Need more information from SCRA?

For further information on SCRA’s Victim Information Service, please contact one of our Victim Information Coordinators during office hours:

0131 244 4127 – for Ayrshire, Glasgow, Grampian, North Strathclyde, Tayside/Fife, and Perth & Kinross

0131 244 5702 – for Forth Valley, Highlands & Islands, Lanarkshire, Lothian and Borders and Dumfries & Galloway

Calls to these numbers will be charged at no more than national rate.

If you require additional information, please contact:

Victim Support Scotland
VSS can provide practical help for you after the crime, someone to talk to confidentially, and guidance about the support which is available from other agencies.
0800 160 1985 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:30 hours)

You can also view SCRA’s information leaflet for people affected by the offending or harmful behaviour of a child/ young person:
Victim Information leaflet

In addition, we have an easy read guide for people affected by the offending or harmful behaviour of a child/ young person:
Victims of Crime – Easy Read

In addition, we have a video in British Sign Language and with subtitles:


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