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We will be learning from our improvement work and bringing that into the reform work we do.  We will be working closely with our partners and as part of the Hearings System Working Group on considering and making proposals for reform.

At a glance, these are the broad  areas of reform we are working on.

  • Scaffolding of the Hearings System 
  • Avoiding the need for compulsory measures of supervision 
  • Children and their Hearings 
  • Meeting the needs of children after a Hearing takes place 

In more detail…

The Hearings System Working Group (HSWG) is a partnership led by an independent chair and includes SCRA, Children’s Hearings Scotland and The Promise Scotland. The HSWG has been created to oversee the redesign process for The Children’s Hearings System. It will facilitate a process that will have the needs of children and families with lived experience of the Children’s Hearings System at its heart, to ensure effective implementation of the Independent Care Review and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  

  The Hearings System Working Group will:

Produce clear, collective proposals that redesign the Children’s Hearings System and define the legislative changes required. In May 2023, the Hearing System Working Group produced a report called Hearings For Children which set out 97 recommendations for strengthening the Hearings System.

Ensure that the lived experience of the Children’s Hearings System is at the centre of what a new legislative framework will look like. 

Agreeing a vision for the Children’s Hearings System and analysing the practice, legislative, budgetary and structural blocks to implementation of the vision.

More information about the work of The Hearings System Working Group is available on The Promise Scotland website.

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