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Inclusion is a key strand of our Keeping The Promise improvement journey.

At a glance, these are the key areas of inclusion we are working on:

  • Creating Child Friendly Compulsory Supervision Orders (CSOs)
  • Producing more information in British Sign Language 
  • Developing sensory corners in our Hearing centres
  • Providing neurodiversity training for all SCRA staff 

In more detail…

SCRA is committed to eliminating discrimination, promoting inclusion and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce and through everything that we do – for children, families, partners and our people. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination to ensure that we provide a fair, equitable and inclusive service for all.

SCRA is working to embed an ethos and practice of equality, diversity and inclusion in all its service delivery, practices, processes and policies. SCRA strives to ensure that it employs a workforce that is diverse and equipped with the right mix of skills and experience to deliver a sensitive service to children and families. 

Being inclusive not only makes SCRA a great place to work and keep our people engaged and motivated, it ensures that we are continually improving and delivering the best possible service to children and their families – a service that is accessible to all, meets individual needs and upholds their rights.

SCRA’s Equalities and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2023 sets out how we are going to achieve all of this.

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