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In SCRA we are going to Keep The Promise by taking the journeys shown in our Route Map. Our journeys are different, but linked – represented by water (corporate parenting), by road (inclusion), by air (rights) and even into space (reform). 

Each of these journeys are linked and they are all heading to the same destination – an improved and strengthened Children’s Hearings System. A Children’s Hearings System that respects and upholds children’s rights and includes children and their families enabling more effective participation. 

Along the way, we will be doing work to improve the things that matter to children and young people and we will be taking children and young people with lived experience on the journey with us to make sure we get it right. 

Each of the planned improvement projects is represented on our Route Map. Just click on each one to find out more information about our work in this area. 

Keeping The Promise Plan

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