Corporate Parenting

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Corporate Parenting is a key strand of our Keeping The Promise improvement journey.

At a glance, these are the key areas around Corporate Parenting which we will be working on:

  • Preparation for your Hearing 
  • Options and Choices for your Hearing 
  • Participation in your Hearing 
  • Reports for your Hearing 
  • Improved and accessible Hearing rooms 
  • Trauma training for SCRA staff 
  • Language and letters project to improve our communication with you

In more detail…

SCRA is a proud corporate parent. As a corporate parent SCRA has a responsibility to promote the wellbeing of children who are experiencing the Children’s Hearings System and to do that we should understand the lives of our children and respond to their needs. 

Corporate Parenting is a role which should complement and support 

the actions of parents, families and carers, working with these key adults to deliver positive change for children. This role does not sit with named individuals in SCRA, it is a role realised by every member of our staff. 

SCRA’s Corporate Parenting Plan 2020–2023 was developed around SCRA’s three aims; Care, Connect and Protect. We worked closely with children and young people with experience of care to help us write our plan, and we took account of the research and the recommendations from the Independent Care Review. 

The GIRFEC (Getting it right for Every Child) SHANARRI wellbeing indicators are also key to our corporate parenting approach. We are now also linking the SHANARRI (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included) indicators to our strategic objectives and actions so that we can really start to deliver our corporate parenting aspirations.

Being a Corporate Parent

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