Court Locations

Sometimes during Children’s Hearings proceedings a young person, parent/carer or witness may have to go court. This section of our website provides information about who will be there and what might happen. 

There is also information about the different courts across Scotland, including contact details and directions.

If you’ve been ‘cited’ to appear at court as a witness, you may be entitled to claim some expenses. For more information, please contact the Reporter.

If you need to talk to the Children’s Reporter about going to court, their contact information will be on the letter which was sent to you. You can also visit the office location section of our website for contact information for each of our local offices.

There’s lots of people who can help you including a solicitor (sometimes called a lawyer).

If you have questions about the law or a Children’s Hearing, the Scottish Child Law Centre gives expert legal advice through a helpline, email and their website.

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