Your rights

Whether you are participating in a face to face, or a virtual Hearing, do you know you have some really important rights?

You have the right to:

  • To give your views to the Panel Members – and have them taken into account.
  • To provide information that you want the Hearing to consider.
  • If you are able to understand it, you have the right to be given all the information that the Hearing has.
  • You can bring someone with you to help you discuss things in your Hearing. This can be anyone you choose – for example, a friend, relative, or any trusted person who you feel will support you.
  • You can bring a lawyer (solicitor) as well if you wish.
  • To have the number of people attending the Hearing (at the same time) to be kept to as few as possible.
  • To appeal against the decision made by the Hearing within 21 days from the date of the Hearing.
  • To request another Hearing which can take place 3 months after your last Hearing (if your Hearing made or kept a Compulsory Supervision Order in place).

At your Hearing you can also:

  • Ask the Hearing to stop for a while if you would like to take a break.
  • Ask the Hearing to stop until another day (sometimes called ‘continuing the Hearing’) if you feel that the Hearing should not make a decision yet (for example, if you need to get more information to give the Panel Members).
  • Ask to speak to Panel Members on your own, or only with someone you want to be there with you, for part of the Hearing.

The Hearing will decide whether to agree to any of these things.

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