Top tips

Top tips for attending Virtual Hearings

If you are participating in a Virtual Hearing check out our top tips beforehand!

  • Make sure your phone, tablet, laptop is well charged (or is plugged in) as these kinds of meetings use a lot of battery power.  
  • Virtual Hearings works best with good Wi-Fi.  If you can, ask other people not to use the Wi-Fi where you are while you are attending your Virtual Hearing.  This will help you have the best connection possible.
  • Try to join the Virtual Hearing 5/10 minutes before it’s due to start to make sure that there are no technical difficulties.  Remember you might have to wait a few moments before you can join the meeting. The Reporter will let you in. 
  • We know this might be difficult if there is a lot of people in your house, but try and find a quiet place to sit during your Virtual Hearing.  Be aware of who is listening in the room.  We suggest using head phones if you have them. 
  • If you can, prop your phone/device up against something, so it’s steady and not wobbling around. 
  • We know these meetings are long and it can be difficult to stay online for up to an hour.  So if you need a break, it’s okay to ask for one.  
  • Think about what is behind you in the background (as Panel Members etc. will be able to see this).  Also, try not to sit in front of a window as you will be a shadow and people won’t be able to see you clearly.  Facial expressions and body language are even more important when you are not in the same room.
  • Mute your microphone when you don’t need to speak – as they are sensitive and can pick up all noises where you are.  Remember to put it back on when you are speaking!
  • Remember – if you are using your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to see yourself on screen unless you are talking! 
  • Try to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can hear you. 
  • If you find it difficult to say how you feel, it might be helpful to have a pen/paper beside you, so you can write down how you feel and tell the Hearing.

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