Easy Read Information

Young girl in yellow top reading book

Going to a Children’s Hearing film

What is a Children’s Hearing from Children’s Reporter on Vimeo.

A short film is available for parents and carers with learning difficulties. The film, ‘What is a Children’s Hearing?’ was made to help parents and carers who have learning disabilities understand what happens at a Children’s Hearing.

ROKTALK software

ROKTALK software is available throughout our website. It can read the information on the page aloud to you; make the text larger and easier to read, or it can change the background colour of the page to make it easier to look at. You will see the ROKTALK icon at the bottom of every page.

Other easy read information

Going to court? You can download our easy read leaflet here.

Not happy and want to complain? You can access our easy read leaflet here.