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SCRA is an inclusive employer and welcomes applications from anyone irrespective of gender, gender reassignment, race/ethnicity, age, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital/civil partnership status, disability, care experience and socio-economic status. 

SCRA is a Disability Confident employer and an active member of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei). We are committed to continual improvement to ensure that our workforce is diverse and our culture inclusive. We continue to take action to improve how we recruit, retain and develop people with disabilities to ensure we attract, appoint and retain diverse talent.

When applying for a vacancy within SCRA, we want you to be aware of the adjustments that can be made to support you throughout the recruitment process and beyond. The list below is not exhaustive and if there are any additional reasonable adjustments that would be of support to you during our recruitment process, please email – in reasonable time – our HR team at, who will try to accommodate your request as far as is practicable.  If you do not wish for the recruiting panel to be made aware of your request, this will be handled confidentially as far as is feasibly possible. Examples of reasonable adjustments:

  • Ensuring the interview location is access friendly (e.g. on the ground floor).
  • Giving more time to a candidate with dyslexia to do any written assessment as part of the interview process.
  • Arranging an interpreter to be present in the interview for any deaf or hard of hearing candidates.
  • Ensuring the room is well ventilated and a fan is readily available for candidates who may be experiencing menopause symptoms.
  • Those in the early stages of pregnancy may benefit from a specific interview time in case of morning sickness/fatigue.
  • Similarly, those with disabilities may wish to request a morning or afternoon interview to take into account the symptoms of their disability (e.g. fatigue and concentration).
  • Candidates with mental ill-health or some disabilities may wish a quick break during the interview process to have a glass of water and/or have some fresh air to help with concentration and focus.
  • Acknowledging that candidates with autism may experience a range of sensory sensitivities, adjustments can be made such as removing a ticking clock from the room, amending the lighting and considering the colours in the room.

These are just a small number of adjustments that we can make to ensure you feel fully supported during the recruitment process, particularly in the interview setting.

SCRA sometimes conducts virtual interviews. This is another adjustment that could be made to accommodate candidates with specific disabilities to attend an interview.

Upon appointment to a post, there are further adjustments that can be made for SCRA staff. These can be explored initially through conversation with line management, HR and Occupational Health. As part of our pre-employment checking process, referrals are made to our Occupational Health provider to arrange for the preferred candidate from a selection process (e.g. as identified after interview), to be assessed as to their fitness to carry out the role, including advice on adjustments which may be supportive or required within the workplace.

SCRA can utilise Access to Work which is a government initiative that provides support for those who have a disability or long-term physical condition or mental ill-health, such as adapting equipment in the workplace.

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