Accessibility and your Hearing

If you are going to a Children’s Hearing, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

If you contact us before your Hearing, you can tell us what you need.

We will do our very best to meet your needs.

You can contact your Reporter (their contact details will be on the letter sent to you) or you can get someone to contact them on your behalf. Here’s a list of contact details for our local offices.

Pre-Hearing visit

If you are attending a face to face Hearing, you can ask for a Pre-Hearing visit. This means you can visit the Hearing centre and have a look around before your actual Hearing. You can see the reception area, the waiting room and the Hearing room.

You can also ask any questions about who will be there and what might happen.

You can also look at the different locations on our website and see photographs of inside the different Hearing centres.

Virtual Hearings

If you are taking part in a virtual Hearing, you can arrange to do a test beforehand and also ask any questions. One of our virtual receptionists will be happy to help. There’s lots of information about virtual Hearings on our website, including some top tips.

Your needs

If you have particular needs, please talk to the Reporter before your Hearing. All our Hearing centres have wheelchair access, but please check if you have any mobility concerns. Our Hearing centres also have disabled toilets and baby change facilities. We also provide free sanitary products in Hearing centre toilets.

We also provide British Sign Language interpreters at Hearings and translators if English isn’t your first language. Please let us know in advance to make sure we can arrange this. There’s people that can help you if you are unsure, such as an advocacy worker or a solicitor.

Making adjustments

We can make adjustments in the Hearing room if you let us know. You can take a sensory toy or gadget into the Hearing room, although we do provide sensory takeaway kits in some of our Hearing centres. Remember, if you need to take a break during the Hearing, please say or get someone with you to let us know.

If you have any concerns before your Hearing, please just ask us. We will do our best to help you and meet your needs.

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