Autism and other sensory needs

We know that children and adults with Autism can face distinct challenges when reading, particularly on a screen. Our website can support visitors with a totally customisable screen reader, that allows text to be read out aloud at different speeds, and in different languages either with a male or female voice.

Our Recite Me toolbar offers a screen mask or a rule also allowing you to focus and stop being distracted by other content on the page. This may be helpful for people with ADHD.

It also has a “text only” feature to strip away any media or graphics and users can also change the style of website page if different colours can cause issues. This may be particularly useful for people with epilepsy.

If you are coming to a Children’s Hearing and have particular needs, please contact your Reporter beforehand or get someone you trust to contact the Reporter for you. We are happy to make any adaptions you may need. Contact details are available for all our local teams.

We have large sensory kits in our Hearing rooms and we also have mini sensory kits in reception for you to take away. Please ask a member of staff in your Hearing centre for one of these.

SCRA promotes the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme and we have sunflower lanyards available in reception areas. In addition, we are piloting autism alert cards at our Hearing centres in Glasgow and Glenrothes.

We have made a short film which follows a young person with Autism going to a Children’s Hearing.

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