Official Statistics

SCRA has Official Statistics recognition which means that our Online Statistical Service meets the appropriate standard of quality and integrity set out by the Official Statistics Code of Practice. Our full set of Official Statistics for 2020/21  has been published alongside details of pre-release access. Please take part in our feedback survey if you wish to give your views, and contact our Data Team  if you have any comments or questions.

Online Statistics 2020-21

Online Statistical Dashboard View
Online Statistics 2020-21 XLSX 0.45MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2020-21 PDF 1.06MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2020-21 XLSX 0.86MB Download

Online Statistics 2019-20

Online Statistical Dashboard View
Online Statistics 2019-20 XLSX 0.43MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2019-20 PDF 1.20MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2019-20 XLSX 0.86MB Download
Official Statistics 2019-20 Video MP4 19.88MB Download

Online Statistics 2018-19

Online Statistical Dashboard View
Online Statistics 2018-19 XLSX 0.79MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2018-19 PDF 1.54MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2018-19 XLSX 0.56MB Download
Official Statistics 2018-19 Video MP4 Download

Online Statistics 2017-18

Online Statistics 2017-18 XLSX 0.45MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2017-18 PDF 1.19MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2017-18 XLSX 0.60MB Download

Online Statistics 2016-17

Online Statistics 2016-17 PDF 4.13MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2016-17 PDF 3.11MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2016-17 PDF 5.70MB Download
Online Statistics 2016-17 – Spreadsheet XLSX 0.29MB Download

Online Statistics 2015-16

Online Statistics 2015-16 PDF 3.44MB Download
Statistical Analysis 2015-16 PDF 1.78MB Download
Local Authority Breakdown 2015-16 PDF 3.59MB Download
Online Statistics 2015-16 – Spreadsheet XLSX 0.42MB Download