40 Calls to Action – SCRA’s work 2 years on …

Posted on 19th Oct 2022
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Two years ago today, Our Hearings, Our Voice published their fabulous Zine which included 40 Calls to Action for organisations like SCRA to improve the Children’s Hearings System.

To mark the second anniversary, we have produced a progress report on our work to implement the 40 Calls to Action which are within our remit.

Lisa Bennett, SCRA’s Head of Strategy and Organisational Development said: “The Zine was a fantastic piece of work by the young people at Our Hearings, Our Voice. The 40 Calls to Action gave us a clear direction from the young people about what changes and improvements they wanted to see made in the Children’s Hearings System.

“Since then, we have been busy working to implement some changes based on the 40 Calls to Action. To mark the second anniversary of publication of The Zine, we have published a report on our progress in the last 12 months.”

The report includes updates on our ongoing Hearing room improvement programme, on new information materials and lots more.

Lisa added: “We know there is still work to be done, however, we are committed to making further meaningful and sustainable change. Some of the Calls to Action will take longer to realise and some will need to be achieved working with our partners in the Children’s Hearings System to make it the best it can be, to implement the Calls to Action and Keep The Promise.”

To keep up to date with our work to Keep The Promise, we have a dedicated section on our website.

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