SCRA’s Official Statistics 2017/18

Posted on 26th Jul 2018
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Our Official Statistics 2017/18 have been published today, Thursday 26 July 2018.

The full set of statistics includes:

  • Online Statistics 2017/18
  • Statistical Analysis 2017/18
  • Online Statistics by Local Authority Breakdown 2017/18

The statistics show that in 2017/18, 13,240  children and young people in Scotland were referred to the Children’s Reporter:

  • 11,268  on non-offence (care and protection) grounds
  • 3,060  on offence grounds

Of the 13,240 children and young people referred, 85.1% had care and protection (non-offence) referrals. Some (1,088) children and young people had both care and protection and offence referrals in the year.

The figure of 13,240 children and young people referred to the Reporter in 2017/18 equates to 1.4% of all children and young people in Scotland.

The most common ages for children and young people to be referred to the Reporter continues to be 14 and 15 years. This applies to both care and protection and offence grounds.

In 2017/18, 32,553 Children’s Hearings were held across Scotland for 14,076 children and young people.

The number of children and young people with Child Protection Orders (CPOs) in 2017/18 was 619. Of the 619, 159 (25.7%) were aged under 20 days at the date of receipt and 312 (50.4%) were aged under two years.

At 31 March 2018, 9,493 children and young people were subject to Compulsory Supervision Orders. This is 1.0% of all children and young people in Scotland.

The full set of Official Statistics can be seen detail in the Resources section of our website.

You can also view our interactive statistical service here.

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