New film for parents/carers with learning disabilities

Posted on 19th Apr 2017
Boy wearing headphones, arms crossed

SCRA has launched a new film today for parents/carers with learning disabilities who have a child or children going through the Hearings System.

The short film is available below and we have hard copies which can be sent out on request.

The film features two actors with learning disabilities from the Lung Ha Theatre Company in Edinburgh and a young actor from the Scottish Youth Theatre.

The film covers getting a letter from the Reporter, to going to a Children’s Hearing, to getting help and advice. There is also versions of the film in British Sign Language and with subtitles.

Jennifer Orren, SCRA’s Participation Officer said: “We are committed to improving our information materials for children, young people, parents and carers who are referred to the Reporter or are coming to a Children’s Hearing.

“Our new film is another great addition to our suite of information materials. It provides information about the system in hopefully an easy to understand way.”

SCRA already has a suite of easy read guides available for parents/carers with learning difficulties and these are available on our website.

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