SCRA Fact Sheets

SCRA publishes a suite of fact sheets which cover a range of topics from child protection to participation and engagement. The fact sheets are updated on an annual basis.
(1) The Children’s Hearings System PDF 0.19MB Download
(2) Children referred to the Reporter PDF 0.21MB Download
(3) Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 PDF 0.21MB Download
(4) Child Protection PDF 0.17MB Download
(5) High Risk Young Offenders PDF 0.21MB Download
(6) Victims of Youth Crime PDF 0.22MB Download
(7) Deprivation and Referrals to the Reporter PDF 0.23MB Download
(8) Alcohol and Drugs PDF 0.23MB Download
(9) Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) PDF 0.22MB Download
(10) Child and Adolescent Mental Health PDF 0.30MB Download
(11) Participation and Engagement PDF 0.19MB Download
(12) Youth Offending PDF 0.19MB Download
(13) Very young children referred PDF 0.23MB Download
(14) Children and Families Survey PDF 0.18MB Download
(15) Role of the Reporter PDF 0.18MB Download