New sensory space – Kilmarnock Hearing Centre

Posted on 31st May 2024
A teenage boy sitting on the floor wearing headphones.

We are delighted to unveil a new sensory space at our Hearings centre in Kilmarnock.

The space was converted from being a windowless and little used waiting room, to the favourite go to place for children and young people who come to the centre!

The feedback so far has been amazing. Children and young people see it as a friendly and safe space for them to wait either before or during their Hearing, especially if they are feeling overwhelmed. Staff in the Ayrshire Locality say, if returning for a subsequent Hearing, every child who has used the space will head straight to the sensory room.

Unlike other spaces in the Hearing Centre, children are encouraged to alter the lighting and mood box and move the bean bags and sensory mats to how they want it to be to suit them and the adults they invite in to join them. Adults have to join the children on bean bags or soft floor mats (although there is a low chair in the room). Children and young people can – and have – elected to speak with Panel Members in the sensory space.

In addition, feedback from families and professionals, in particular, advocacy workers has been extremely positive.  Many have commented on the value of having such a space for all children and young people to use.  Younger children settle easy in the room and teenagers often choose the space for their own reasons, especially if they are feeling anxious.

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