Keeping The Promise – our annual progress report for children and young people

Posted on 16th Feb 2024
Little girl blowing bubbles with hand-made wand in the garden

In February 2022, we published our Keeping The Promise Route Plan. To mark Care Day 2024 and two years on from publication of the plan, we have produced a second progress report aimed at children and young people.

The report covers some of our Keeping The Promise activity over the past year.

Roma Bruce Davies, SCRA’s Keeping The Promise Programme Manager said: “It has been another busy year and we want to thank everyone who has worked with us to Keep The Promise.

“We also want to say a special thank you to all the Hearings-experienced children and young people who have worked – and who continue to work with us. Their voices are truly at the heart of everything we do.”

Collette Gallagher, SCRA’s Keeping The Promise Operational Lead explained: “Our progress report mostly covers our Keeping The Promise improvement work and there’s been so many exciting developments in the past year.

“From launching a pilot Taking Control of my Hearing scrapbook in Fife, to a Communi-crate pilot in Glasgow, plus we were honoured to have the launch of the Language Leaders principles at our Staff Event in the autumn. There’s lots more brilliant projects underway and we will see these being implemented in the next few months.”

Roma added: “2023 was an important year for Keeping The Promise in the Children’s Hearings System. We saw publication of the Hearings System’s Working Group report ‘Hearings for Children’ in May, then in December we were pleased to see the Scottish Government’s response to that report.

“2024 is already shaping up to be another critical year for the Children’s Hearings System and we look forward to working with children and families and all our partners in the Hearings System to Keep The Promise.”

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