Scottish Government responds to Hearings for Children report

Posted on 21st Dec 2023
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Earlier today the Scottish Government responded to the Hearings for Children report.

Speaking afterwards, SCRA’s Principal Reporter/Chief Executive Neil Hunter said the response clearly reiterated the Scottish Government’s unwavering support for the Children’s Hearings System in Scotland.

Neil said the response from the Scottish Government also endorsed the original Kilbrandon principles and ethos.

Neil added: “There is understandably a great deal of information to digest and review in the Scottish Government’s response and we will do this in the weeks and months ahead with our colleagues and partners.

“The response recognises the positive and substantial work already happening and there is undoubtedly a lot more to be done in 2024 and beyond to further strengthen the system and achieve that ambition outlined in the Hearings for Children report.

“We look forward to careful, considered, collaborative work with all partners in the Hearings System to strengthen the system further for children and young people.”

You can read more on the Scottish Government website.

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