Taking Control of My Hearing pilot launched

Posted on 03rd Nov 2023
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As part of a Keeping The Promise project, a pilot called ‘Taking Control of my Hearing’ was launched today in Fife.

The pilot involves pro-actively inviting children and young people to a Pre-Hearing visit which will now include more in-depth Pre-Hearing planning. To support their preparation, children and young people will be sent their own Scrapbook designed for and by young people.

During the pilot, the scrapbook will be sent out to children and young people age six years and over who are coming to their very first Hearing in Fife. The Scrapbook has been designed to better prepare children and young people and to empower them to take control of their Hearing.

The concept and design of the Scrapbook came from two young Board Members from Our Hearings, Our Voice.

At the launch in Glenrothes Hearings Centre, Achilles and Ciara said they were delighted to see their idea come to fruition.

Achilles said: “The idea of a scrapbook was such a Eureka moment for us. It was a fun and interesting process and I feel so proud to have co-created it.

“My hopes for the future is that it’s something young people feel connected to and it really helps them feel comfortable and safe in Hearings.”

Ciara added: “I’m really happy to see an idea that has been carried into fruition so quickly, while holding the sentiment that it was for young people, by young people.

“Achilles and I were really involved – we were at the heart of it.

“I can only hope that it will pave the way for future projects where young people will be listened to the way we were.”

The scrapbook includes pages for children and young people to write down how they are feeling, to customise their Hearing beforehand and to record Hearing decisions afterwards. It also contains information about their rights in the Children’s Hearings System and where to get help and more information.

The scrapbook – which is actually an A5 ring binder – allows children and young people to share pages and there’s blank pages if they have extra information they would like to add.

In addition, there’s information about Our Hearings, Our Voice and there’s a page where children and young people can design their own duck. If you are not aware, Our Hearings, Our Voice use duck alias to protect the identify of their Board Members. You can find out how the ducks came about on the OHOV website.

Collette Gallagher, SCRA’s Keeping The Promise Operational Change Lead said: “The Taking Control of My Hearing Scrapbook provides a fantastic tool for children and young people to take control of their Hearing and to feel empowered.

“It is such a brilliant idea and we want to say a massive thank you to Achilles and Ciara for all their hard work. They were what inspired and drove this project. We can’t wait to get feedback from others after which we will consider next steps.”

Fife Locality Reporter Manager Katie Pacholek added: “We have been working hard over the last few years to increase the number of children and young people who attend their Hearings and this feels like a real opportunity to empower them to have a voice at their Hearings. Achillies and Ciara have created a fantastic practical resource!”

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