SCRA Annual Report 2022/ 2023

Posted on 26th Oct 2023
A teenage girl making a heart shape with her hands

SCRA’s Annual Report 2022/23 has been published today, Thursday 26 October 2023. The Annual Report includes the full set of audited Annual Accounts for 2022/23 which also contains information about performance.

The report starts with a foreword, authored by SCRA’s Board Chair Michelle Miller. It also includes some of the highlights and achievements in 2022/23, including the regular ‘year at a glance’ section, and information about some of our key stories from the past 12 months.

At the end of the report, there is a looking ahead section by our Principal Reporter/Chief Executive Officer, Neil Hunter, reflecting on the first six months of the new business year.

In addition, we have also produced a version of the report aimed at children and young people.

You can view the Annual Report and all corporate reports and documents in the Resources section of our website.

The Annual Report follows on from SCRA’s Official Statistics 2022/23 which were published at the end of June.

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