Postcard feedback pilot launched

Posted on 23rd Oct 2023

Hearings-experienced young people told us they want more ways to provide us with feedback.

One of Our Hearings, Our Voice 40 Calls to Action is “have lots of different ways to share my views” – that’s why during Care Experienced Week we are launching a new pilot initiative.

Working jointly with Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS), the pilot will run until March 2024 in our Hearing centres in Alloa, Elgin, Falkirk, Livingston and Stirling.

The postcards contain a QR code that links to a new feedback web page on the My Corporate Parents website for children and young people.

Once they scan the code, children and young people can provide feedback about their experience of the Children’s Hearings System. Both SCRA and CHS will work together to respond to the feedback.

At the end of each Hearing, the Panel Member chairing the Hearing will offer the child or young person a feedback postcard. The card can also be given to a trusted adult to pass on if the child or young person isn’t present.

Jennifer Orren SCRA’s Participation Officer said: “The aim is to be more proactive in gathering children and young people’s views about their experience of participating in a Children’s Hearing.

“We know children and young people want lots of different ways of giving their views and providing us with feedback, so we hope this pilot initiative provides them with another way of having their voice heard.”

If you have any suggestions about other ways of providing feedback, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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