Our Glasgow Locality commits to Keep The Promise

Posted on 26th Jan 2023
A young happy child holding a heart shaped lollipop

SCRA’s Glasgow Locality recently held a Keeping The Promise planning session.

Around 30 members of staff from every role attended the two hour event on Wednesday 18 January.

The aim of the session was to help raise awareness among staff and to review current and plan future activities to Keep The Promise.

After a presentation by Locality Reporter Manager Elizabeth Lloyd Kelly, Glasgow Locality’s Keeping The Promise lead, staff were split into groups to look at four key areas: training, rights, choice & participation and language. 

Speaking afterwards, Elizabeth said: “It was a really positive session. There was so much energy and enthusiasm. We came away with lots of ideas for improvement. Some of it we can look at implementing at Locality level, some are suggestions for our partners and there was also some great ideas which we will pass to our national Keeping The Promise team.”

Elizabeth added: “There was such a positive response from staff that we are now planning future sessions. Everyone in the Locality is committed to doing their bit to Keeping The Promise.”

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening across Glasgow to Keep The Promise, visit the partnership website.

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