Launch of new Practitioner Guides in Highland & Moray

Posted on 23rd Jan 2023
A small boy crafting a heart shape

SCRA is a proud partner in the Better Meetings Implementation Group in Highland and Moray. The group was set up in 2019 and is made up of representatives from SCRA, Who Cares? Scotland, Children’s Hearings Scotland and social work partners.

At the heart of the group is the voice of care experienced children, young people and adults from Highland and Moray. The aim of the group is to improve the voice, choice and participation of children and young people coming to Children’s Hearings and child protection meetings in Highland and Moray.

On Thursday 19 January 2023, the group launched four new Practitioner Guides which were co-designed with children and young people from the Moray Champions Board.

SCRA’s Locality Reporter Managers for Highland and Moray, Karen Erskine and Sharon McArthur said: “The Practitioners Guides will ensure that we will collaboratively Keep The Promise for children and young people in Highland and Moray, by ensuring children and young people have a choice in how, and when, their Hearings take place, and ensures their voice is truly heard in Hearings.

“We worked closely with our partners on this project, and are excited to be a part of future improvements, nationally and locally, that will provide better experiences for children and young people.”

The launch was attended by over a 100 practitioners from Highland and Moray all committed to improving the experience of children and young people in their Hearings and child protection meetings.

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