Foster carer and kinship carer survey now closed

Posted on 21st Mar 2022
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A massive thank you to every foster carer and kinship carer who took the time to complete our Virtual Hearings feedback survey. 

More than 200 people responded which is a tremendous response. The survey has now closed and we are going to be busy analysing the findings over the next few weeks. 

The survey was the first phase of a new piece of research which is exploring the impact of virtual Hearings during the COVID-19 pandemic on participation, rights and decision making.

Dr Catherine Nixon from SCRA who is leading the research explained: “SCRA has undertaken this research in order to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to use the knowledge gathered to inform our improvement journey. Understanding how virtual and hybrid Hearings have impacted upon the participation and rights of children and families, as well as the decision making process, is part of that commitment.”

Once the findings from the survey have been analysed, interviews and focus groups will be held with parents, residential carers and secure care staff about their views of participating in virtual Hearings. These interviews will aim to understand how attending Hearings virtually differs from the experience of face-to-face participation. They will also explore perceptions about the impact of virtual Hearings on decision making, rights and participation.

Participatory research will be undertaken with children and young people to explore their views on Virtual Hearings. This research will explore the same issues that will be explored with parents and carers, but will adopt a child-centred and child-led approach to data collection. Our Hearings, Our Voice Board Members will act as co-researchers in this element of the study.

The research will also involve Case File Analysis using data routinely collected by SCRA in relation to Children’s Hearings to explore the inclusion of the child’s voice within Hearings held during the pandemic.

Once finalised, the research findings will be published on our website.

If you would like more information about the study then please contact Dr Catherine Nixon.

If you are participating in a virtual Hearing, more information is available on our website.

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