Supporting visitors to our website with dyslexia

Posted on 04th Oct 2021
Young boy wearing headphones while using a laptop

To mark World Dyslexia Day and the start of UK Dyslexia Week 2021, just a reminder to visitors of our website that we have a number of tools that can help you.

By clicking on the Accessibility tools button on the bottom of every page, it opens up  ReciteMe. This allows visitors to the website to choose the Open Dyslexic font which changes all the content on the web pages into that style which might make it easier for you to read on screen. This works on all devices.

ReciteMe has other functionality which might help. You can choose for the text to be read out aloud at different speeds, and in different languages either with a male or female voice.

Maryanne McIntyre, SCRA’s Press and Communications Manager, said: “We want our website to be as accessible as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to our website, please get in touch. We would welcome any feedback.”

Please remember if you are attending a Children’s Hearing and need any additional supports in advance or on the day of your Hearing, please contact your Reporter. Their details will be on the letter sent to you, or you can see contact information for each of our local teams on our website.

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