CSOs – new film for children and young people

Posted on 12th Jan 2021

SCRA has launched a new film for children and young people about Compulsory Supervision Orders (CSOs).

The short film covers what a CSO is, what it means for children and young people and how long it can last. It also covers the right to appeal, advocacy and legal representation and where to get more information.

The film, which you can watch below, was made at the end of last year following strict physical distancing measures. There is also versions available with BSL and subtitles.

The idea for a film about CSOs came from young people at Our Hearings, Our Voice, an independent board of children and young people in the Hearings System, and was created in consultation with a Hearings-experienced Modern Apprentice in SCRA.

Jennifer Orren, SCRA’s Participation Officer explained: “We have had feedback from Hearings-experienced young people that films are a helpful way of explaining the Children’s Hearings System. They said it would be really useful to have one covering Compulsory Supervision Orders.

“This new film is the latest in our suite of short information films for children, young people and parents/carers. Compulsory Supervision Orders can be difficult to explain, so we hope our new film helps people understand more about what they are and what they mean for children and young people who are placed on one.”

More information about CSOs is available in the young people section of our website, and children and young people are welcome to contact their Reporter if they have any questions. We also have an easy read guide available for parents and carers.

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