SCRA welcomes implementation of new legislation

Posted on 06th Nov 2020

SCRA welcomes the implementation of The Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Act 2019. The new Act will change the law and remove the “reasonable chastisement” defence from Saturday 7 November 2020.

This means that children will have the same legal protection from assault as adults, and that children should no longer be subjected to any form of physical punishment.

SCRA thinks that children will be more effectively protected as a result of this change and the corresponding clearer societal understanding of what is, and is not acceptable parental behaviour towards children. We acknowledge that this may take some time to embed across Scotland and we will do our part to support and promote this cultural shift in attitudes and behaviour.

SCRA believes parents and others now have absolute clarity on the law and the rights of children to be protected from assault which will make all of us think about the additional consequences of physical assault on children. We believe that this change is the right thing to do in order to protect Scotland’s children.

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