Corporate Parenting Plan 2019-20

Posted on 18th Apr 2019
Teenage boy wearing grey hooded top

SCRA has published its Corporate Parenting Plan for 2019-20.

The plan is aimed at young people and outlines our Corporate Parenting activities for the next 12 months. It is the final year of our three year Corporate Parenting Plan 2017-20.

The plan is broken into six commitments:

  • Commitment 1. We will do our best to meet your needs and promote your rights
  • Commitment 2. We will give you as much time and good information as we can
  • Commitment 3. You are the most important person in your Hearing and we will do all we can to help you feel it
  • Commitment 4. Our Hearing Centres will be safe, comfortable and friendly
  • Commitment 5. We will work with young people to help get things right
  • Commitment 6. We will work with other Corporate Parents to make sure we are all doing our best for you

You can view the new plan here.

SCRA’s Head of Strategy and Organisational Development, Lisa Bennett, leads on Corporate Parenting. She said: “We originally set out six commitments back in 2017 and we have been working hard to achieve them. A lot has happened since then and hopefully a lot has improved.

“We want to take this year to really ensure that everything that we have been doing has been fully embedded and is making the difference that we hoped it would. Next year we will be refreshing our commitments to continue on our ever-improving and exciting journey of being a Corporate Parenting.

“As always we would welcome your feedback and ideas, so if there is anything that you think we should consider, please get in touch.”

To keep up to date on all our Corporate Parenting work, please visit our ‘My Corporate Parentswebsite.

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