Corporate Parenting update

Posted on 29th Oct 2018

SCRA has produced an Annual Report highlighting some of our Corporate Parenting activity in 2017/18.

The report, which you can view here, is aimed at staff and our partners in the Children’s Hearings System.

We have taken each of the six commitments that we made in our Corporate Parenting strategy and have laid out in the report the key achievements for each. We have then focussed on one or two areas in each commitment and gone into more detail to give you a flavour of the work that has been going on across the organisation.

Some of our Corporate Parenting highlights of 2017/18 include…

  • Launch of our Corporate Parenting website
  • Implementation of standards for communicating with young people
  • Production of a film for people with learning disabilities
  • Corporate Parenting training for all Children’s Reporters
  • Launch of new customer care guide for all staff
  • Focus on Better Hearings programme across the country
  • Ongoing programme of improving our Hearing rooms
  • Leading the development of Our Hearings, Our Voice

Lisa Bennett, Head of Strategy and Organisational Development who leads on Corporate Parenting for SCRA, said: “It feels like we have come a long way already with our Corporate Parenting commitments – we have made loads of progress, but we are still only half way through what we have committed to deliver in our three year strategy.

“It has been a real collaborative effort from everyone across the organisation to get us here and I hope that the same passion and drive for improvement will see us through the rest.

“We have lots of exciting new developments in the pipeline and we look forward to more joint working with young people and our partners to be the best Corporate Parents we can be.”

This report is separate to the Corporate Parenting report which we already produce for young people. You can view our 2017 report for young people here. Our next Corporate Parenting report for young people will be published in January 2019.

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