Court pack produced to help young people

Posted on 06th Aug 2018
Young male in front of graffiti wall

SCRA has put together a pack of information materials to help support young people living in the Edinburgh area, who have to go to court as part of Children’s Hearings proceedings.

Our Modern Apprentices carried out informal court visits, providing first hand feedback on both the positive and negative aspects of attending court from a young person’s perspective.

This – along with input from Children’s Reporters – led to the development of an ‘Edinburgh Court Guide’ containing practical information specific to Edinburgh Sheriff Court and its facilities, and designed to prepare young people as much as possible in advance of any court visit.

Information within the guide includes things like the use of airport style body scanners, court scheduling processes, café/toilet facilities and seating arrangements.

Also in the pack is SCRA’s recently revamped Going to Court flyer which explains to young people why they have to go to court, and a ‘Going to Court’ DVD. The packs will be provided to young people and families by the Children’s Reporter.

It is hoped that young people and their families who attend Edinburgh Sheriff Court will find it useful, and help to make their experience of court better, by providing them with information in advance.

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