New Pre-Hearing visit film

Posted on 05th Jun 2018
teenagers relaxing with mobile phones

SCRA has produced a new short film aimed at young people.

The film shows a Pre-Hearing visit in the hope of encouraging more children and young people to request one before their actual Hearing.

The film, which is set in our Hearings centre in Stirling, shows a Pre-Hearing visit from a young person’s point of view.

SCRA’s Participation Officer, Jennifer Orren said: “I know Pre-Hearing visits can really help prepare children and young people before coming to their Hearing. It can put them at ease and gives them a chance to see the Hearing room and ask any questions.

“We really hope it encourages more children and young people, as well as social workers and advocacy workers to ask for Pre-Hearing visits.”

You can view the film below, which is just over a minute long.


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