New look for rights information flyer

Posted on 24th Jan 2018
Smiling teenage girl with tablet against graffiti wall

Our ‘Your Rights’ flyer has been revamped and reprinted.

Aimed at children and young people, the flyer has been reviewed with contribution from some of SCRA’s Modern Apprentices. The information covers rights in a Hearing, where to get more information, and how to complain.

With new colours and a brighter look, the flyer will continue to be sent out with Hearing notification letters, be included in Pre-Hearing packs for children and young people, and made available in Hearing centres.

Jennifer Orren, SCRA’s Participation Officer, said: “We are really keen to ensure that our range of information materials appeal to young people and are clear and understandable.

“We are very glad to have our Modern Apprentices involved in this review as they bring a very necessary perspective to the process.”

Further information about rights can be found in both our Children and Young People sections of the website.

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