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Posted on 03rd Apr 2017
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SCRA has launched its Corporate Plan and Corporate Parenting Plan today, Monday 3 April 2017.

The first to be published is SCRA’s Corporate Plan 2017-20 – this sets out our vision for delivering services for the next three years.

Over the period of the Corporate Plan, we will be focusing on three key outcomes:

  • A progressive, user focused service
  • High quality decisions
  • Effective collaboration

SCRA’s Principal Reporter/Chief Executive Officer, Neil Hunter, said: “This plan firmly positions SCRA as a future facing organisation, doing all that we can to promote better experiences and outcomes for children and young people who are in contact with the Hearings System.

“We aim to be recognised for leading and innovating, for contributing to child protection, and for actively promoting partnership and collaboration, and we strongly believe that this Corporate Plan for 2017-20, along with the other plans that are aligned with it, will focus our activity to this end.”

SCRA has also launched its three year Corporate Parenting Plan which is supported by an action plan. This plan sets out the commitments that SCRA is making to children and young people to improve their individual experiences of the Hearings System.

Neil Hunter added: “As Corporate Parents, we now have clear responsibilities concerning how we interact, work and treat the children and young people that we have contact with. This plan will lay out clearly our commitments to children and young people and how we will work to improve the service and experience that they receive.

“We are committed to improving all aspects of the journey for children, young people and their families through the Hearings System.”

To support the Corporate Parenting Plan, we have also launched a website today aimed at children and young people. The website – – is a joint initiative with Children’s Hearings Scotland. The site provides children and young people with a more interactive version of both organisation’s corporate parenting commitments and activities.

SCRA has also published a new document today which details our commitment to equalities over the next few years. SCRA’s ‘Equalities Strategy and Outcomes 2017-21’ is available here.

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